Services Offered

Allergy Evaluation

Your allergy evaluation will consist of a detailed discussion of your symptoms, a physical examination and appropriate diagnostic testing. These will be used to formulate a plan to improve your health and well being.

A typical first time office visit will take 45-90 minutes. Testing will not prevent a patient from returning to work or school.

Common Procedures Done in Our Office

Skin Tests – also known as a scratch test. These are done to identify sensitivity to airborn allergens such as pollen, mold, dust mite and animals. Skin tests can also be done to identify sensitivity to foods, medications or insects such as bees.

Patch Tests – this test is done to identify the source of a contact skin allergy to substances such as metals, preservatives, medications, fragrances, hair dyes and resins.

Challenge Testing – challenges are done with foods or medications to either confirm that a patient is or is not sensitive to the substance.

Spirometry – also known as a lung function test. It is commonly used to assess a patient with asthma, COPD or other lung disease.

Immunotherapy – also known as allergy injections or allergy shots. Immunotherapy reduces how allergic a patient is – which results in less symptoms and less medication needed to be taken for symptom control. We offer 2 types of immunotherapy – traditional and an accelerated program called cluster immunotherapy. Click here to read more about allergy shots

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